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Empire tips for your Halloween 2020 mask!

We at Empire know that there are many Halloween parties that will be taking place in Orlando and NYC. And our accommodations are ready to receive all tourists and people who wish to celebrate the holiday in a different way.

Yes, we've been wearing masks all year, but Halloween is the one holiday during the coronavirus pandemic where wearing a face mask makes more sense than ever. And retailers are busy creating fun, whimsical and seriously spooky face masks for Halloween that will make any health concerns around gathering in public spaces less frightening.

Buying a Halloween face mask is a must for anyone who is planning on a new kind of celebration this year (whether that's a quarantine-friendly Halloween celebration or a trip to a beloved fall foliage destination). And before you ask, YES, you should absolutely be wearing a face mask this Halloween. Particularly if you decide to spend time outside of your home with people you don't live with, or inside your home with visitors.

But don't let the pandemic discourage you. You just need to make the social distance, that you can enjoy your halloween. This is a time of year, when creativity increases and people create super fun costumes! And for this year, you just need to use your creativity a little more, and think about how you can implement a mask in your costume!

Here are some ideas for you to create your halloween mask:

Winifred Sanderson Mask

Directly from the movie Hocus Pocus, you can create your Winifred costume with the signature face! This is just an example of masks that comes with the print ready, characteristic of some character, for you to buy and assemble the rest of the costume on top of it.

There are still other masks that come with the prints ready, and you can use these as a theme for your costume, and a look that matches the mask! An example are the masks already themed for Halloween, or with prints of cartoons and films, such as Star Wars and Golden Girls.

Another option for you is to make your own mask! DIY as we like to say, you can customize and put all the items you want, and match your mask with your costume!

There are many ideas you can have to enjoy your Halloween in 2020! And if you're looking for a different place to celebrate, Empire houses are available and waiting for you! Contact us to learn more about our homes in Orlando and NYC!

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