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Empire Residence


Founded in 2015 and with a main focus on excellence in hospitality and convenience at affordable prices, Empire Residence is consolidated in the accommodation sector, offering stays to travelers of the most varied profiles.

With accommodation lists in different locations around the world, Empire Residence holiday homes provide safe and comfortable accommodation for you to enjoy your dream trip in the best possible way. Our facilities are located in the most wanted destinations, such as New York, Orlando, Paris, London, and Tokyo.

Empire Residence's main product is luxurious and modern accommodation that has the differential of having a value that fits in your pocket. With that, you can carry out your dream trip without worrying about the high costs of accommodation. Our offers have all the refinement and quality for you to spend your season enjoying and having the most fun, without worries!

For this, we use technology that provides all assistance in a full-time manner, with secure service at all stages of the accommodation - from the moment of quotes and choice to the return of keys - so that guests feel at home, without frustrations or worries.

Empire Residence translates passion for connections by offering the best experiences to guests in their holiday homes and in a short time has achieved important advances in meeting the high demand of travelers of the most varied styles, from simple to luxurious.

Alex Matthews

Alex Mattews is the founder and CEO of Empire Residence. At just 25 years old, he is tracing a promising path as a real estate entrepreneur. Currently, he operates in the main countries of the world, with a platform geared to hosting services, unforgettable accommodations for those who want to take a vacation at an affordable price, without giving up quality and refinement.

Alex holds a law degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais and has worked for a little over four years in the field. He had the inspiration to open his own business from an exhibition of paintings in Lisbon, Portugal. When seeing so many places portrayed, developed an interest in knowing these destinations and started traveling around the world, observing how the hosting service works in each location.


In 2015, already residing in New York, he created an Empire Residence Company - today responsible for the turnover of $1.3 M USD per year. This growth resulted in the nomination of Alex Matthews for the Under 30 award from Forbes Brasil, an award aimed at young people under the age of 30 and who are outstanding in the job market.

By transforming an idea into a company with millionaire earnings, Matthews has inspired new entrepreneurs. Alex's management brand is open to outside opinions, mainly, without the time to add new values to the company. In addition to his continued investment in Empire, Alex is a shareholder in Mister B&B, a company that is the first short-term rental platform reserved for the LGBTQ community.


What they say about us

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Empire Residence, a company founded by a Brazilian in the USA, wins an ad in Times Square in New York


Empire Residence bets on vacation homes for all traveler profiles in the United States


Company hosts brazilians with canceled flights due to coronavirus for free


Company hosts for free brazilians whose flights were canceled due to the Coronavirus

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