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New York City is alive and doing well, thank you very much.

It’s being said that New York has died due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Maybe it’s partially true, when you think about businesses and the economy alone. But there’s so much more to New York than that. The city is and will always be all about its people. And they’re more alive than ever.

When walking around New York City, you can see that some stores and restaurants are closed. Some will reopen soon, but others will remain shut. And that’s understandable when you come across a crisis. But it’s not enough to diagnose it as the “end” of New York. What it really means is that the city will have to rebuild itself. Just like it has done several times in the past. And the people behind all of this are more than capable of doing so. New Yorkers are known for their resilience and for their ability to overcome crisis and grow from it.

It’s not by chance that Frank Sinatra sang “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere”.

New York City is about community. About overcoming obstacles and creating opportunities. This crisis will not be the end of a city that is known to be resilient and strong. The pandemic is just another starting point to everyone who believes in rising above all and conquering a difficult situation. And that’s also what you get to see when walking around New York City. You see people enjoying themselves in Central Park, High Line, Washington Square and Bryant Park.

The city is alive because the people of New York are alive. And more willing than ever to make this be just a blimp in its history. What makes NYC the most desirable destination in the world is still there. The Statue of Liberty is still there. The Empire State Building is still there. And especially the feeling of being somewhere unique and full of dreams is still there. And will never go away, especially when facing a crisis. More so, that’s when it thrives. Don’t let the closed doors fool you. Behind them, are all the people that made New York City what it’s known for.

So, if you were planning on visiting the Big Apple and got scared by this supposed downfall of the city, be aware that it’s not the reality. New York is alive and well, because its people have not given up on their dreams. And that’s all the fuel needed to make the magic happen again and again...

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